Trending: Terrazzo, Face Planters and Vases with Influencer White Grey All Day

//Trending: Terrazzo, Face Planters and Vases with Influencer White Grey All Day

Interior decorating trends are changing all the time and the latest addition into a stylish home is to decorate with face planters and vases, as well as a touch of terrazzo. Melbourne-based interior and product stylist, White Grey All Day, has some great ideas on how you can decorate your home with these trendy items in pink and neutral tones.

Terrazzo Candle Holder and Face Vase

White Grey All Day shows us how you can use our terrazzo candle to make your home look stylish and cosy. Terrazzo has been a huge trend this year and this candle is a great way to introduce the trend into your home. If you’re also loving it, then you can visit our website or one of our Melbourne CBD gift shops to get inspired if you want to spoil your home with some terrazzo items.

Another way of decorating with terrazzo is to accompany it with one of our beautiful face vases. We love the neutral and blush tones White Grey All Day uses. It’s a great way to add a touch of colour while still keeping things feeling fresh and modern.

Matching Face Vases and Planters

White Grey All Day is mixing planters with vases to create a cute and stylish look in her home.  We are really loving the way she has given our Pink Face Vase a fun and pretty new look with some rustic flowers and a cute plant in the little Pink Face Planter. She’s also added the Lady Sahara Vase to draw emphasis on the face trend.

The vase and planter can be used in all rooms of your home and White Grey All Day shows us how these items look great in a living room or in the kitchen next to the salt and pepper! The look of the face vase changes depending on the flowers you add to it, which makes it look great in different settings! Add some strong or neutral flowers depending on the room you are decorating and your colour palette.

Visit our website or one of our Melbourne CBD Gift Shops to spoil yourself or someone you like with one of these face vases and planters to follow this trend of decorating with pink and neutral colours.

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