Trendy Quirky Planters with Pre-Potted Artificial Succulents

//Trendy Quirky Planters with Pre-Potted Artificial Succulents

Quirky planters are trending right now and if you are someone who struggles with having a green thumb, you may be interested in some of these fun and cute pre-potted planters with faux plants and succulents. The good thing about them is that they are stylish and super low maintenance. You will never have to feel guilty about being a plant murderer – doesn’t that sound like the perfect solution?

Shiny Gold Dinosaurs

How cool are these dinosaurs in gold? We love them because they are super funky and will make any room or office look very cool. Add them for your child’s room or buy them as a gift for someone who loves dinos. Perfect for completing your interior design look and showing off your unique sense of style.

Shop these planters: Brontosaurus Dinosaur | Triceratops Dinosaur

For the Animal Lover

Spoil yourself or someone else who loves animals with these cute and decorative planters that will make anyone very happy. Get all six of them or just the ones that you love! You will find them all in our Melbourne CBD gift shops.

Shop these planters: Dino | Bunny |Unicorn

Trendy Office Planters

These quirky pre-potted planters with artificial succulents come in three different colours and are the perfect idea if you would like to bring some of the outdoors in without the maintenance. They are perfect for decorating your office or apartment with something trendy. They even work as a great gift idea for someone you would like to spoil, who may not have the time to take care of real plants.

Shop these rainbow planters: Pink | Mint | Coral
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