Spoilt Announced as the Winners of the 2018 eftpos Indtepend Retailer of The Year (5+ Stores)

//Spoilt Announced as the Winners of the 2018 eftpos Indtepend Retailer of The Year (5+ Stores)

On October 18 the Australian Retail Association had their annual awards breakfast and we are very proud to have taken home the award for the 2018 eftpos Independent Retailer of the year (5+ stores). The ARA awards was hosted by wonderful Livinia Nixon (Australian Presenter) and we enjoyed a speech for Naomi Simson (Red Balloon Owner & Shark Tank) about how she got to where she is today. It was definitely very inspiring!

2018 was a very busy year for us – we underwent a rebrand, opened a new store and put a strong emphasis on making our online store more user-friendly. We are so pleased that our hard work has paid off and to be recognised for everything we have put in to ensure Spoilt thrives! We look forward to doing even more over the next year!

We’d like to thank everyone for supporting us over the years and we hope to see many familiar faces, and new ones in the store for many years to come!

In support of winning the award the ARA featured us in an article in their magazine:
From a small business operating in Collins Street, Spoilt Gift & Homewares has hatched into a gift emporium operating in eight stores across Melbourne. A family-owned business, Spoilt Gift & Homewares have taken the 2018 Independent Retailer of the Year Award in the 5+ store category. Adopting, rebranding and marketing strategies, Spoilt Gift & Homewares have directed their attention to their consumers, through projecting a welcoming and familiar small business environment both in-store and online. To enhance their relationship with their customers and community, Spoilt Gift & Homewares have partnered with St. Kilda Mum’s Charity, placing charity donation boxes on counters in each store to stimulate conversation and emphasise the family values the business represents. As the retail climate is becoming increasingly competitive, Spoilt Gift & Homewares have identified their target market and tailored products to align with consumer demands. Through innovative strategies and core family values driving their success, Spoilt Gift & Homewares are a gift to the retail industry!

We wouldn’t be where we are today without you, our customers! With 2018 being a big year for change and adapting to industry and local trends we hope that 2019 will be an even bigger year as we focus more on our online store.

If you love visiting our stores make sure you give us a Google review to help other people find us too!!


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